Fake 32gb ultra card?


I’m trying to confirm whether I’ve been sold a fake card, in pretty convinced it is but the seller is disputing. The card looks substantially different to the other two I already own which raised suspicions, that and the fact it failed within an hour of use!

Doesn’t look like you can attach photos on here unfortunately but the markings on the back of the card read:


The front of the card is a little different, it’s a slightly darker shade of red to my other two, the paint has also chipped slightly on the wide end after just a couple of insertions.

The packaging is good at a glance but the printing is a bit fuzzy when examined closely, edges of letters have slight spikes not a sharp edge. Also I nite the back of the package says made in China despite the card saying made in Taiwan the blister pack inside card just unfolded i.e. not hear sealed edges.

From what I’ve read the above indicates to me the card is a fake but just wanted to confirm before going in strong with the seller (who incidentally is a UK seller with 100% eBay feedback).


Ah just figured out the mobile version of the forums doesn’t allow image upload so switched to full… it always mystifies me why web developers think people want less features just because they’re on a tablet. Anyhow…

Fake SanDisk card?

Fake SanDisk card?

Fake SanDisk card?

Well, I’m no expert but the picture of the front of the card does look a bit suspect to me as well. You can test the card with h2testw; that should confirm it’s operation or not. If t doesn’t pass, that wil give you ammunition to pass onto the seller.

Thanks, unfortunately no chance to test it now as it stopped working fairly shortly after first use - the card now comes up as unformatted, if you try to format it the dialogue comes up saying it’s 254Gb (!) and format fails anyway. Tried a few different formatting tools and h2testw which doesn’t even recognise the card.

Then even if it isn’t counterfeit, it is certainly defective and the seller should replace it for you. Another thing you can do is call SanDisk directly. With the numbers on the back of it, they should be able to confirm its authenticity. If it’s genuine, they would replace it under warranty. If not, then you have it straight form the horse’s mouth that it’s a fake. And you can go back to the seller with that.


I bought the same card with same sn number and after a few days of use it started to slow down and losing data what I copied on it. Sadly . Have no PC access I tried to find other ways to check the card with tablet/smartphone with android OS. I found a software on gplay which check the cards hardware infos and if its fake or not working easily recognisable with it. The program name is SD Insight. Here is what the program show when I check my card. The program easily recognise my other cards with brand names, size and other infos.