Sandisk ULTRA 32GB UHS-1 Defect/counterfeit?


first, sorry for my bad english.

I’ve bought a new Sandisk MicroSD for my Android phone.

when applying it on my Android, something strange happen.

for example, i’ve taken a 50 second video recording, and i want to send it to my friend via LINE chat.

when i clicked my video gallery, the gallery selector shows empty thumbnails, and no response when i clicked any thumbnails.

and another strange, i tried to copy just 1 file (255 MB) from internal to microSD. when copying, the transfer rate is fluctuating, from 10MB/s down to 0MB/s for 5 seconds, and up again to 10 MB/s.

when it reached 75% copying, suddenly get stuck at 75%,0MB/s rate.

and i cant cancel the copy, and i attempt to shut down my android, my phone get stuck at “shutting down” about 30 minutes. so i force shut down.

and strange thing again while opening gallery, want to play recorded videos, and my phone hang up about 1 min and “gallery stopped working”

gallery Error

now i’m ejecting my card and plugging it to my computer via Card reader.

and i test to copy a 300 MB file to my microSD, and fluctuating happens again, and get stuck at 46%, cant stop, tried to shut down my PC and stuck at “shutting down”

so i pressed reset button, and after booted my PC, tried to format my SD (fat32) and it success.

i’ve tried to check if my SD is counterfeit or not, so i downloaded H2testw.

and this is the result :

i aborted the check because it takes lot of time.

and, here’s the package

the MicroSD (some scratch because the MicroSD port on my phone)

and the back

so is this defective or fake?

but the seller claims its ORIGINAL (you can see it on ORIGINAL holographic) and seller  accepts Warranty (1 year)


You should really contact SanDisk directly to verify the card’s authenticity and/or determine if it is defective. This is a user’s forum, so we aren’t qualified to make such a determination.