MicroSD Memory Card - 128GB

Hi folks, I recently purchased a SanDisk Ultra 80MBs MicroSD Memory Card - 128GB to put music on to use in my phone. I’ve tried transferring the music on my laptop with two different adapters, a USB cable and a microSD adaptor. Every folder transfers but when I check the SD contents a majority of the music folders are empty even though they have songs in on the PC. I then used iSyncr which transfers to the SD while it’s in the phone and the same thinghappened. I’m a real novice at this but I have done it before with smaller SD’s with no problem. I used H2testwand this is the results.

Verifying 4673Mbyte

4.53 min

15.9 Mbyte/s

Warning only 4673 of 127968 MBytes tested.

Read speed 15.9 MByte/s

I’ve scanned/chkdsk/quick formatted/fully formatted the card but the same thing happens.

Have I a dud card or am I doing something wrong??

Remember folks I’m a beginner novice :smiley:


in that case the card seems to be counterfeit. To ensure that you can also contact the sansisk support to check the authenticity of the card

here is the link for the support


Thanks for your quick reply schnuffyrex, I took the SD back to the retailer who replaced it and low and behold everything transferred easily and perfectly :smiley:


this is very good to see and i do hope that the new one will work fine now