Support for Defective Micro SD card, Ultra 32 Gb

Hellow to the forum

I have:

2 x 16 Gb MicroSD Mobile Ultra Class 6 (In Vacations, Buyed in Madrid Spain for my camera 3 years ago)

2 x 16 Gb Micro SD Ultra Class 10 (Buyed in Amazon, Amazon seller, 2 years ago)

and from the last year 2 x 32 Gb Micro SD Ultra Class 10 (Buyed in Amazon, Amazon seller in Dec 2014)

The Mobile Cards are working in tablets. No problem.

The Ultra 16 Gb Cards are working in 2 android phones. No Problem.

The new 32 Gb Card, one still unused, the 2nd one I used it in a MicroUSB Adapter copying data for work.

This Card failed one or two month ago when:

1.- Try to copy and unmount itsef.
2.- Format the card and 1/2 surface is bad.
3.- Delete partition, format again and the card dont respond (no partition found).

4.- Put in my phone (Galaxy S4) and said “Bad SD Card”.
5.- The card dont work anymore.
* Proved in 3 pcs, many ports usb (2 and 3), and many options (card reader, sd adapter, tablet and phone), still dont work, the card is DEATH.

PD: Amazon verified purchase

Thanks for any help …Or recomendatios


In that case the card seem to be defective and needs to be replaced. for a replacement through Sandisk you can follow this link


I have purchased Ultra MIcro SD card, 32 GB through online and used it in my Sony Xperia phone.  It was working for 6 months and then one fine day, I started gettting the error message - “External disk is corrupted, try formatting it” .  I am unable to access my data stored in it.  Pls. let me know what needs to be done.  Warranty period given is 10 years.  I am based out of India - chennai location.  Pls. let me know the process to rectify this issue.




in that case i suggest contacting sandisk directly to provide you the information with the service locations in your area to replace the defective product for you. 

you can contact them through this link