U3 and Windows 7

WOW!!!   Merry Christmas to me.  :smileyvery-happy:

When I upgraded from Win XP to Win 7-32bit U3 worked for me, no problem, even though it wasn’t the Windows 7 version.  I had 1.6.1.x.  When more recently I got a Win 7-64bit netbook, U3 would not work, even after upgrading to the version.  I assumed the postings here about U3 problems with Windows 7 were due to people with Windows 7-64bit systems and that there was no solution.  I tried various Win XP Compability modes to no avail. 

But then today I did a Google search for LaunchU3 and didn’t limit it to this site.  VOILA!!  A solution!!  Win 7-64bit’s  Vista SP2 Compatibility mode WORKS!!!

U3 lives. 

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