Two Questions

I downloaded the latest firmware and now all my music files are gone. Is this normal?

Also, the battery life on my 2G Clip is 10 hours at most. I use it mostly for the radio, so am wondering if that is the limit. I thought it was supposed to be 15 hours. Is 10 normal for battery life for radio use? I have read reviews that complained about short battery life so I am wondering if mine is going bad already (it is only 4 months old).


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When you updated the firmware, the USB mode got re-set–set it back (Settings/USB) to what you had before (likely, MSC mode).  Your computer only sees the files that were transferred to the Clip in the currently-set USB mode. 

The battery life does sound short … you might want to track it a bit. 

Thanks for the answer. The music files are gone from the Clip itself. I must have done something when I loaded the new firmware that erased all of them. I didn’t have that many so no big deal, but I’d rather not do that again.

If the battery goes bad, I suppose I can send it back. It’s still under warranty.

Perhaps you inadvertently pressed reformat, which indeed will erase your Clip’s data files.

And if you find that your battery is constantly low, you may want to contact SanDisk for a replacement …

Thanks.  I contacted support by email, but haven’t heard back from them yet.  It does appear the battery is dying.  If I don’t hear back in a few days, I will try them again.

I contacted customer service by email about the battery problem with my Clip, but never heard back. Is there a better way to contact them? Should I just call them?

Any experience with customer service is appreciated.

A telephone call likely will be fastest.