Sansa Clip keeps losing download music files!


I’m having this problem where the songs that I download onto my player will randomly be lost after sometime.  I suspect that if the battery dies (which is after like 2 hours) then I lose my music.  I’ve had other digital music players that don’t have this problem so I’m not sure if it’s a faulty unit or it’s supposed to do this.  

Anyone have any ideas? 


Anyone have this issue or know why it might be happening?

Greg P. 

Sorry, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening.  If it happens again, check your remaining available space.  Maybe the files are still there, but the player can’t “see” them for some reason.  Or maybe you’re loading music in one mode (MTP/MSC) and it’s resetting itself to the other mode.

 It’s strange.

It sounds like a need for a warranty replacement …

Since the battery dies after 2 hours it sounds like you have a faulty battery.  My first Clip would do the same thing over a day or two of not using it at all.  My replacement lasts all week at full volume (used in car through the car stereo’s AUX jack) - about 14 hours of play time - or longer if I don’t use it for a week or two on those rare occasions when I listen mostly to books on CD/tape.  I’d suggest you exchange your Clip where you bought it or call SanDisk for a replacement.

Every time I Sync, some music seam to vanish. One time I did a memory dump to my laptop, and it listed two songs to be deleted that I had never flagged. It just seams to have a mind of it’s own. Yes I have good battery power and plenty of memory left. These are all MP3 files from Amazon and ripped Cd’s. Maybe my thumbs are too big fot the tiny buttons

It likely isn’t the Clip, but the Sync program–recommendation, check your Sync program and its settings.  Personally, I dislike sync programs, as they can do things you didn’t plan; instead, I just use simple copy-and-paste.  Simple and, it works.