Clip Needs to be syncd every day!?

I got this clip 2gb from the Sandisk company after my last one had battery issues and i sent it in. They sent me a new one and it worked at first but now it needs to be syncd every day, sometimes it needs to be syncd a few hours after i syncd it. I use rhapsody and ive updated the track licenses and everything, ive tried formating the clip to see if that help and it didnt. ive tried de/reauthorizing the clip and the same problem occurs. I dont want to buy a new one and i dont want to wait another 2-3 weeks for them to send me another one. If some one has a quick fix for this problem i will greatly appreciate your help.

Does your clip say something about expirering licenses or it just doesn’t play it?

It says i need to update track licenses but i figured out that if i plug it into my PC again after its done charging/updateing that it will update the track licenses. I know this is a month late and now my 2GB is suffering from another problem but i at least figured this problem out.