i have to synchronize to continue my music subscription?

i have about 140 songs and about 7 of them won’t play and just say this.

anyone else have/having the same problem?

if so, anyone know how to synchronize it?

where are the files that say this from?

this message indicates that the files are DRM protected and the licence has expired. these files will need to by resyned with WMP or the download sorce to continue using them.

I am having this same proglem. It is with an audio book from Overdrive.  I have permission to download this and I still get this message.

I just downloaded the new firm ware. Went fine. I noticed that the license to play my book is right there with the  book files.  Why do I have to synchronize?  Or better yet HOW?

OK so I formated it and lost all my songs but after I reloaded my books they played! Weird

Hi i’m having the same problem, could you tell me where i get this firmware from please, there are no clear links on the site???


It’s posted in a sticky right on the entry page to the Clip forum area…Click Right Here –> :smileyvery-happy:

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 Thanks for getting back to me mate, fraid it didn’t work though! I was having a bit of a panic when it first happened and downloaded the latest update 01.02.23F- this didn’t fix it and it seems to be stuck on this version and I can’t change it?? Any suggestions on how I could solve it?

Thankx again

Thanks for your reply but i’ve messed up again-i have a e250 not a clip-woops!