I purchased a SanDisk Clip in(2mb) n April of 08.  I joined Napster for a monthly fee plus purchased songs @99 cents each.  I am not extremely computer savvy, however I figured out how to download songs and burn cd’s and sync the songs onto my MP3 player.  All of a sudden my player stops playing after one song and reads a message of “synchronize to continue your music subscription”.  I don’t understand this.  I actually quit Napster a week or so ago but  I have PURCHASED the songs already so I dont quite know what this means.  I am very frustrated as I have loved this player and use it daily on my walk.  Now , after each song I have to turn it off and back on to listen to one song and then repeat myself…Can someone tell me in “laymans” terms what I need to do here.? 

Thanks so much

Napster songs bought before May 20th have licensing information (DRM) encoded in them.  I’ve never used DRM so I don’t know if this might be the issue.

I have the same problem with my sansa clip 1gig. I downloaded tracks off of my 30 day free trial from Rhapsody. I also have downloaded tracks from limewire, but everytime I try to play music, the limewire tracks will play no problem but the rhapsody tracks will tell me to synchronize to continue subscription. I never got a subscription though, just the free trial. Unless I can find a solution i’m just going to erase the rhapsody tracks and just go through limewire.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  I am just so frustrated…I cant get answers from anyone…I mean “the powers that be”…I have tried to notify SanDisk and Napster…Someone mentioned license rights for Napster before May 20, but the majority of my songs were downloaded after that date…And everything was fine for months and then all of a sudden…this happened.

It seems like you still have songs on your player that are DRM (require license rights), otherwise you wouldn’t be told you need to synchronize in order to continue your music subscription (“subscription” implies that there are songs containing DRM).

What happens when you do try to synchronize?

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Use WMP11,  first try to play the songs,  if it works on the computer,

then Set your player to MTP mode  (Settings>USBMODE>MTP)

connect the player to the computer , and launch WMP11

Open the sync window and drag and drop your tracks using WMP,  then press “Sync”

WMP11 will transfer the songs AND the Licenses required to play them.

Simple drag and drop of the tracks in explorer will not transfer the licenses,  hence the errors.

Napster software should transfer them as well.

Rhapsody trial tracks expire in 30 days if you dont obtain a subscription.  If you dont plan to subscribe to Rhapsody you may as well delete the tracks since they wont play.

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