Synchronize to continue music subscription WITHOUT USING RHAPSODY

Different to others


I’ve had the Synchronize to continue music subscription on my Sansa clip…But I’ve never even used the rhapsody software, I didn’t download it and I’ve never bought anything off the site.


What else is different is that some other people are saying its the tracks they have downloaded off the site, for me it won’t play anything I actually own on CD…Tracks I’ve downloaded off LimeWire seem to be fine.


What should I do?

The “synchronize to continue music subscription” is a generic fault message for a DRM issue.  Be sure that you have updated your Clip to the latest firmware, since this issue has been improved with the latest releases.

If you are receiving this message with tracks ripped from CD, be sure to turn off Copy Protection in Windows Media Player.  Go to Tools > Options > select the Rip Music tab.  Here you’ll see the box for copy protection, and it can be deselected.

I’d stay away from P2P sources like Limewire, as illegal downloads are a bad thing.


It didn’t work.

I removed all the files that wouldn’t play from the clip, I then edited the copyright in the tools as you said. I re-synchronized them on to the device. I took it out and it still wouldn’t play