My m240 keeps telling me I have to synchroniz how do you do it? I’m not very electronic I used Napstar and rhapsedy. can any one help?

if you have a subscription service, like napster, and you pay 15 dollars a month… you only have those music files for as long as you have the subscription. And have to renew the license on the files everymonth.

Its like a timebomb on the file that tells it to stop playing. Otherwise people could just use the service, cancel… and walk away with a ton of free music.

to get rid of it you have to re-sync with the service, somtimes people run into issues doin such things. To be honost, if you arent that tech savy, give napster a call and ask them how to renew the licenses.

If you get your music from your own cd’s you never run into this.

DRM music is licensed music, and a huge pain in the butt.

I DON"T have a subscription service, yet I keep getting this message.  It’s really irritating!  I use my Sansa M230 to listen to audiobooks that are available freely through my public library.  I used it for several months with no problems, but in the last week or so, I keep getting this.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!  I’ve already reformatted the player and reloaded the audiobook, but it didn’t help.

your files from the library have DRM’s on them, just like the files from Rhapsody or Napster. You can try re-downloading it, make sure the player is in MTP(and is detected as an audio device; not removable disk), making sure it plays on the computer before tryning to transfer.

I am totally not techy., I bought this to use at the gym.  joined Rhapsody, learned the your going to keep paying $14.99 a month thing, so I bought a bunch of songs for 89 cents each (like 25) thinking that would keep me amused in the gym for now.

All was well but now saying synchronize.

Do you have to belong to a service once you have purchased songs?  Is there a cheaper way to do it?

Thanks so much!

I started having this problem too with downloaded library books (that were not expired) AFTER I had reformatted to fix the problem where files would not delete.  Tech support (Andre) had me reformat and that did make the synchronizing message go away.  I think I ended up formatting twice (MSC and MTP) as suggested in another post entitled “Deleting Songs From a Sansa M250”  There was also some kind of resetting that he had me do with the battery out and holding down the Menu button for a long time, I think while connected to computer.  Call them if these suggestions don’t work.  Good luck!

Thanks so much by call them i presume you mean ScanDisk and that that is where you reached Andre,

cause I will definitely need tech support to try this. 

Yes, call SanDisk Tech Support at 866-726-3475.  You might not get Andre, but they are all helpful.  Good luck.


Mary ~Thanks so much I will give it a try!

HELPS! I has latest firmware and Napster, but it still refuses to play Napster songs!!!