m250 just worn out?


  I have an m250 mp3 player which is probably 2 or so years old.  I use it almost exclusively with Rhapsody’s monthly subscription program (started with Napster and Rhapsody took over).   I am supposed to get a message saying “syncronize” if I haven’t done so in a while, so they can make sure I’m paying for the music.   But I get that message (which prevents the music playing until it is synced) all the time.   Usually ‘synching’ can be accomplished by adding a song or two but lately I have tried reformatting the unit each time, to try to create a ‘clean slate,’ and adding less music on there than usually.  One day it may play two album’s worth, and the next it will play two songs and then give the sync message.   It is SO aggravating because invariably I am in the middle of exercising, away from the computer, so my tunes are killed and there’s nothing I can do about unti l get back home.  Thanks for any insight!!

Have you tried de-authorizing the player, and then re-authorizing the player again with Rhapsody?

I tried that and so far it works, so thanks!  It actually still gave me the “sync player” message, but I just pressed play and it started working again, which it has never done before; whenever I have gotten that message before I am stuck until I get back to the computer.  So thanks again for your suggestion.