sychronize to continue subscription.....

i don’t understand whats going on here… any help would be appreciated…

A couple of us have reported this issue.  I started a thread about it a few days ago. Not much info there, I’m afraid…

Have I read here that the best thing to do is to reformat the Clip under its settings, to clear any old licenses/subscriptions, and start over?  (Of course, transfer any music you want to keep to your computer first, as the reformat will erase all information on the player.)

I didnt’ try that but then I’m a Linux user and there have never been any licenses on my Clip.  For that matter, it’s never been connected except as an MSC device.  I’d be curious to hear from some others if a format clears up the error

I don’t use subscriptions but, doesn’t one have to have at least Windows XP SP2 and WMP 10 for those?  Perhaps I’m misunderstanding.

you can bypass wmp to use subscription stuff. There is also an option in wmp that lets you “copy-protect” your content. If this option is selected, it may limit the playback of your file. I would imagine a dj might want to use this feature or something to that regards.

I know in wmp 10 its under tools>options>rip music tab.

Not sure about 11.

Thanks for clarifying that.  Obviously, I need to get to my local library and start checking out some books in digital form.


Miilkerman:  That’s my point.  I’ve never used subscriptions or DRM music of any form.  There have never been any subscriptions/licenses on my Clip.  I’m a linux/MSC user only, but I still get the “synchronize subscription” message anytime I delete a file.

Like I said, a little menu jumping and it goes away every time, but I just wanted to report it because obviously there’s a bug there somewhere.

Now, that is freaky …  Personally, I’d try reformatting (after moving the player’s contents to my computer). 

Im having the same problem with my sansa clip. it says i have to sychronize to continue subscription. I dont know what that means and it happens all the time now. i cant figure out how to renew my subscritption to the clip either. Some help please???