Synchronize to continue your music subscription

I have been looking at all the post from people who also have this problem.

None of the solutions but 1 work on my Sansa Clip.

I first noticed the ‘Synchronize to continue your music subscription’ problem after I had downloaded an ‘.aa’ file from Audible.

After that all the music on my Clip would not play but responded with ‘Synchronize to continue your music subscription’.

All the music on my Clip is ripped from CD and is in ‘.WMA’ format.

My Clip will not appear in my WinXP PC when in MTP mode. It never has so I always put music on in MSC mode and worked fine.

I tried formatting the Clip from WinXp and from its own settings, then reloading music; same problem.

If I download an album to the Clip some tracks will play but others have the ‘Synchronize…’ problem. If I delete the album and reload it, other tracks work!

I tried ripping the album to MP3 and all the tracks worked fine when played on the Clip.

That is a solution but I would really like to know why it suddenly stopped working and how to make it play WMA files reliably again?

Any ideas anyone?

MTP mode is necessary for secure wma, and all licensed formats, including the Audible .aa format.  For this, you need Windows Media Player 10 or 11, as MTP is integrated into the media player code.

If you haven’t done so, reinstall Windows Media Player, or upgrade it to WiMP 11.

One possibility is the MTP Porting Kit available from Microsoft.

There’s a separate issue going on with tracks ripped from CDs that will not play.  If you are using Windows Media Audio (wma) for your rips, you must be sure that copy protection is turned OFF in the player.  If MTP isn’t working, those tracks will not get the integrated license from your media player.

For the Audible tracks, download and install the Audible Manager, install the SanDisk Digital Players plugin from Audible, and authorize your device prior to transfer.

Now on to that transfer.  PLug in your Clip after manually selecting MTP mode: Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

Open the Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer, and selecting manage.  Select the Device Manager.  In the device tree, look for the Sansa under Portable Device.  Double click on the Sansa and select uninstall

Unplug, reboot the PC, and once it’s stable, plug in again.  You should see the MTP Device Found message.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have the Sansa Clip 4GB black and have been downloading and reading digital books from my library for 3+ years now. I recently synced some music that I have stored in Windows Media. I was able to play the songs several times but yesterday started receiving the “Synchronize to continue your music subscription.” I am reluctant to perform the same fix mentioned in previous responses since those were to help someone having a problem with digital books. I’ve had no problem with books and don’t want to mess that up so I can have the music. Any ideas on why I could play the music several times and now get that message? Thanks!