New Clip, music not from a subscription but still receiving the synchronize note

Hello. We purchased a new clip. Downloaded all current music which was received through paid downloads, not a music subscription. However, the player keeps stopping and sends the “Synchronize to continue your music subscription” note. All of the music currently plays on a different clip we have and has never stopped with that message. Any ideas? Or, is there any way to check my current music just to see if we may have gotten it from a trial way back when or something? Thank you!


In Windows Media Player, you can choose the “Protected” column for the library view.   The column will contain “Yes” or “No”, and you can sort on it.

Thank you for the response. Can you help me further? I’m not very savvy with this.

I found how to make the column for protected. So, if it says yes, what does this mean? I’m just confused because all of the music was paid for. None was ripped from CDs or obtained from a music subscription service.

My other confusion comes because all of this plays on one Sansa clip we have; it’s the new one that is causing the problems.

Thank you for your time and help.


If it says yes, that means that either the song file contains DRM (subscription), or is copy-protected (this can be turned on/off when you rip a CD).  If the music was actually licensed for your Clip (say, it came from Rhapsody), you would need to have synced it to the Clip in MTP mode instead of MSC mode (Settings menu, “USB Mode” ).

From where did you buy the music?

If two Clips are behaving differently with the same music, you might want to try doing a “Reset All” on the Settings menu of the misbehaving Clip.  As a last resort, try doing a “Format” from the Settings menu.  Note that a Format will remove all music on the Clip.

Finally, this probably won’t resolve your problem but it’s a good thing to do anyway … make sure you have the latest firmware on your Clip.

Sansa Firmware Updater

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Hello. Thank you! We did a reformat, and it worked. I don’t know if it was that or the way the music was transferred to the clip. But, the reformat worked. Thank you!