Strange message...

Ok, so I’ve udpated the new .20 firmware.  Thanks Sandisk for providing such great after-sale support for such a low-cost device! 

Now I’ve got a strange message (bug?).  All of my music is DRM-free, copied using MSC from a linux box.  However, now if I delete a song as it’s playing, the next song in the list comes up paused, as I would expect, but when I hit play, I get:

Synchronize to continue your music subscription

It goes away in a few seconds and puts me back to the paused screen, but no matter how my times I hit play it still repeats the message.  It’s not actually a major issue because I can just go back to the music list, select the song manually and it plays fine. 

Any idea what that’s about?  It’s a minor oddity at best, but I thought I’d report it.

Very interesting!  I updated the firmware on two Clips (of four) from .18-.20 this morning.  My Clip is running happily, but my wife just called with a “synchronize to continue subscription” problem, just like yours.

The firmware ID is correct on the device.

I told my wife to use the Clip’s format function (settings menu), and she’s reloading the Rhapsody files.  I think this is the hot ticket.

Note, my daughter’s Clip was “dead as Julius Caesar” when I plugged it in…she left the device on.

I’ll update everyone as soon as she calls back.

The new functions of the firmware update are great on my personal Clip; those of you expressing issues with the volume (FM) will be happy with the new volume steps…thanks sansafix!


Update 1306: The format procedure was successful! :smiley:

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I’ve listened to my clip for several hours today and it’s never given me the message unless i delete a song.  Then it gives me the message every time.  But like I said - jump back to the track listing a select a song manually and everything works great.  So all in all, so far it’s just a minor annoyance and easily worked around.  Not a show-stopper bug by a mile.

By the way, all in all I think this is a great update.  Thanks again to SanDisk for taking care of its customers like this.  Not too common these days…