Clip 2gb all music files disappear

my womans clip is having some issues.  its not the first thime this has happened.  i have reformatted the device twice. it has thte latest version of firmware.     

from time to time all the music files will disappear.  we use rhapsody by the way…they just go away.  i dont know why.  we have had it for 6 months or so.  this isnt a new problem but it just doesnt happen enough for us to throw in the towel.  after all it only cost less than $50.

  i searched the boards for “disappear” and got mostly results from the 8gb crew.  so probably this is just an isolated incident that i wont find an answer to.  However, if you have any suggestions or ideas, i welcome them and thank you for your efforts/thoughts/ideas.

ive had numerous issues with my 8gb Fuse.  i returned it 3 times until the latest one is working fine.  before that i replaced 1 every year or so for the last 4 years.  sandisk just isnt up to the task  of being reliable.  its unfortunate.  at the local store where i bought this, the rep says they see alot of san disk come back and the “Apple” product doesnt.  but i refuse to get on that bandwagon with apple.  

ok, now my rant is over.  

I would guess it has more to do with CRhapsody than the SanDisk player. With their DRM-crippled, subscription nonsense, pay-to-play music files there are just more things that can go wrong than if you own your own music, say on CD’s and rip them to the player yourself.

Not to say this music service isn’t good for your needs and/or wants; it appeals to a lot of people. It just that it can be more problematic with all it’s legal complexities.