Battery life on the Clip

The Clip has an advertised battery life of 15 hours.

However, after playing the clip for about 3 hours or so the battery gauge on it is already half empty. Also, I’ve had instances where I turned on my clip and battery guage shows a much lower level then when I last turned it off.

I have updated to the latest firmware. If anyone has any suggestions to correct this problem please let me know,


I’ve been seeing a similar pattern.  From now on I’m going to start sliding it onto Hold when I put it in my pocket, to see if maybe I’m accidentally turning it on.

I seem to be having the same troubles. Wonder how many others are too.  It’s dead in just a few hours after fully charging it.

Are you sure it was off (via the on/off switch) and not in pause?

I’d give it a few recharge cycles to see if it improves.  If not, the unit is defective–exchange it at the store or contact SanDisk for an exchange.