Battery Test


I just received my second clip after shipping the first one back due to the problem of battery drop off from 30-40% to zero over night. 

Now, based on your own and forum-members’ experiences, what average results should I expect, when testing the battery runtime by continuous playback at about 66% volume level, 66% display brightness and sporadic clicks through the menu?

Thanks in advance! 

  • and 128 kbps material? :wink:  … 11-16 hours…!

Yes, average is somewhere between 128 and 192 kbps and the clips runs for 7 hours and still has about 75% of its battery capacity… keep my faith :smiley:

Just finished the test and got a battery runtime of 14 hours and 40 min - impressing. What surprises me most is that I turned off the clip over night at a battery level of about 40% and it still ran more than 6 hours today, so almost no discharging.

Now I guess my previous clip didn’t have a battery display problem (would be solvable by firmware), but the battery actually discharged itself. Btw. the previous clip ran “only” 9 hours under similar circumstances.