Extrelmely short battery life on Sansa Clip +

I have my Sansa Clip + with 4MB for more than a year. The battery life is just fine. Recently I got another one for my wife and this one has an extremely short battery life - less than 2 hours after the full charge. The charge also takes more than 3 hours, which I didn’t notice with the old device. Any idea?

Exchange it for a new one. It seems to have a defective battery.

Agreed. If you can return it to your dealer for another one, do it. If not, contact SanDisk Tech Support and explain it the same way to them; that you have another one for comparison and this one is woefully inadequate in the battery life department. They can arrange for another one to be sent to you under warranty.

If you’re in the States, you can’t do it today as it is Memorial Day and they are closed. But you can call them tomorrow. :wink: