VERY Short Battery Life...All of a sudden?

Hello guys and gals, Would like to tell you that after charging my 1 gig Clip for the first time and having a normal life span of the charge, I am experiencing the following:

      • It will only hold a charge for somewhere between 1 & 2 hours now.

I thought about doing an update but decided to go check the pros first…You got anything that I need to kno about this problem?


make sure you update to the latest firmware. let us know if it fixes your issue.

I have the same problem, good life and all of a sudden, short battery life, I have the newest update, after the last update, the automatice updater stopped coming on when I plug in the device.

My story maybe for firmware topic but…

I have clip 4gb and was using it happily with firmware .29 then when .30 came out i updated and suddenly with it my battery life shortened. And it was like that for a week, i was charging it very often and then one day clip just died (maybe battery drained or something) and wouldn’t charge on USB or AC adapter, it wouldn’t be recognized with plugging it with center button pushed, resetting, in short nothing helped. Next day for the fun of i tried to start it because i know with batteries it’s sometimes like that and it started. So i charged it and decided to return old firmware, which i did, had some problems then reset all settings and formatted clip and from then on battery life is normal and everything is peachy. Next step would be trying updating again with .30 and resetting all settings and formatting but still happy with this situation.

Reapplying the firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum) sometimes can work, fixing a software glitch that has developed.


I have the same problem. It must be a bug in the 01.01.30 firmware.

(I charged my clip for 4h last night and today it was out of juice in ~5 minutes…)

A bugfix release would be appreciated.