Two questions about the headphones in the SanDisk Store

If anyone has purchased either the “High Performance” earbuds or the Standard Four pack can answer these questions, I’d be greatly appreciative.

How do the “High Performance” earbuds sound, quality-wise? How do they compare to Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds?

Also for the four pack, are those pretty much the headphones that come with any sansa player? They look like the ones that came with my m200 but slightly different style (see below) sansa m200 w/ earbuds

Any help with these questions would be appreaciative as I just lost my favorite pair and am now in the market for a new good and cheap pair comprable to skullcandys.


I purchased both types of headphones and the four pack are the ones that come with the mp3 players.  They have good sound but are uncomfortable for using a long time.  The OEM headphone don’t block out outside sound.  The high performance headphones are very good and I use them all the time and they do block out outside noises.  I came to your post as I was going to purchase a set of these premium headphones for my daughter.  At $10, I think they are a good buy.