**bleep**ty Headphones

I just bought a new Fuze 8Gb. I dont have any problems with the playere itself, but I am Soooo Pissed off at the headphones… Extremely crappy… No bass at all… But more importantly, the cord is so shot. I cant even carry the player in my jeans pocket while listening to it… The cord is too short…


This complaint is not uncommon. Most would agree with you and I would guess tha 75-80% of people have switched to another pair of headphones. I got my fuze with a set of SkullCandy Headphones which I love and Have since purchaced 2 more pairs of the same. If you are in the market check out this thread there are alot of suggestions.

Imo all mp3 players should be sold without headphones. Why should I pay for low quality headphones that I don’t have a use for. Instead, I would like a basic skin with a clip attached to be included in the box. It is easy enough to buy headphones separately, but often not so easy to find a skin for a player.

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