OEM Sansa Earbuds HELP!

I know this topic has been talked about before, but I can’t imagine that someone has not figured this out. Until my OEM Sansa earbuds died I had no idea how good they were. Rich sound with plenty of bass for me. I only want the open ear style since I need to hear whats going on around me, but after buying and returning 4 other earbuds I am looking for some help. Please don’t try to tell me how poor the OEM earbuds are or offer expensive alternatives. I am interested in finding out who REALLY makes the earbuds so I can buy them. I realize Sandisk sells some replacements, but I have been told they are about 3.5 feet long and I need at least 46 inches or longer. My old OEM’s were longer than 3.5 feet, but my player is a couple years old. Tech support tells me they are made by Sansa they think. I just don’t believe it.

I too doubt that SanDisk actually builds the Earbuds themselves, but I doubt even more that they would tell you who does it for them if they’re not coming from their own factories.  Honestly, it’s probably some chinese or taiwanese manufacturer you’ve never heard of.

While I don’t dislike the Sansa Earbuds, I prefer some other headsets that I have.  I have a set that are still wrapped up in their original packaging.  If you’re interested in buying them off me, I will unwrap them and see if they’re as long as you’re looking for.

Hi, are you talking about the black ear buds that came with a Sansa e200 series?  If you are, I am interested in buying them.