Replacement earbuds

I love my OEM Sansa Clip Sport MP3 Player earbuds. One side stopped working, where can I get a replacement?

Are you sure they are plugged in all the way? Sansa players are notorious (the past several years) for having extremely tight headphone jacks when new. When they’re not fully seated, they only play out of one side.

If they are truly broken already, you might try the Sansa Store for replacements. Or any one of a million other options out there; your earphones/buds don’t have to be OEM. In fact, many consider them cheap and inferior-sounding in comparison to all the other phones on the market these days.

I just like those earbuds, they dont tangle easy either. Any way to a deal or promo code to get them cheaper? The the SanDisk Clip Sport Earphones (red) are $15 plus $6 shipping.

There are plenty of pairs on Ebay. Search for “Sansa earbuds”

No Sansa Clip Sprort earbuds on ebay, but thanks. The sport ones have thich flat wires.

Awhile ago, if you signed up with SanDisk, you received a 10%-off code.  But I don’t see a link for this now.   :frowning:

Promo code for 10% off the item price (but not including shipping, which always has seemed to me as higher than what it should be):  WELCOME10%

Will save you a little bit.   :slight_smile:

Yep - I have the same problem. My Clip Sport Plus only delivers in mono now. Not the MP3 player - tried the earphones on my phone - buggered!

Any idea where Sandisk source these earphones?