Replacement earbuds?

I love my Sansa Clip 4GB, and I use it every day all the time.  I also really love the stock earbuds that come with it, they’re the best I can find of that shape, the one I prefer.  And I’ve tried a lot haha.  But mine just recently broke after over a year.  Does anyone know where I could buy a replacement pair?  Nobody seems to sell them, checked ebay and a bunch of other places.  I don’t care about color or anything, I’d just like another pair of exactly this kind.  Thanks (:

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These may not be an exact replacment, but probably pretty close:

I agree that they’re the best earbuds I’ve ever had.  They’re better than ones I’ve paid $30 for. 

I’d also like a replacement pair as mine just broke (the cord finally busted after about 2 years)…

So if someone knows where I can find the exact pair the Sansa Clip 2GB comes with (not something “similiar” or “probably close to”) w/o buying a whole new MP3 player, then please let me know.

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Awesome!  You found the same link I did.  The original 'phones do sound very good, though I prefer the “in-ear” type to limit noise a bit from the surroundings.  The link actually shows a 4-pack too, so you will be prepared in case of disaster.

Disaster?  Indeed.  I dozed off a few days ago while listening, and awakened to silence.  I have four little kittens here.  I discovered that one of them chewed BOTH cables in half, about six inches from each ear.  Oh my.

Bob  :dizzy_face:

what about the cover for earbuds? I lost one today…:cry:

@ronpeer wrote:

what about the cover for earbuds? I lost one today…:cry:

These you can pick up at electronic stores, certain drug stores, etc. I’ve seen them at Fry’s Electronics, Radio Shack, CVS Pharmacy and the like.

Hello everyone,

I had the Sansa Clip + earbuds in BLACK and it is the best earbuds I;ve had. Actually better than my Ipod’s. I didn’t get the joke that some Clip users were either complaining about how loud they were so I was excited to use them because I really, really love loud earphones LOL.

In an act of idiocy, my line was hanging out of my pocket while coming out of class and “tripped” over a fire hydrant (don’t ask) and was cut so I was looking for the CLIP + earbud…IN BLACK.  I am OK with white but the poster who had the Grey pack linky of 4, ummm, not really. Please make it black (I know, it sounds like AC/DC…) ;p

The earbud covers is kinda weird…my left one keeps falling off while the right stays on. You could actually find them at the dollar store.

Wished I could find the earbuds again…they were far better than my ipod, skullcandy and even Sony Bass buds. Darn loud, just the way I like it.

Mikerman-Can you please let me know if there is any place I can get these earbuds. Wore mine out and hate the other 3 sets I tried. I triesd Sandisk to no avail. Please help. Thanks in advance.