Ear Bud Stopped Working

I have 3 Sansa Clips, a 1,2,and 8 GB, 2-3 years old. Not heavily used. Today the Left earbud of the supplied earbuds stopped working.

Is this unusual? Anything to do? Otherwise I will just use the other two sets until they too go bad. Anyone have the standard earbuds fail, and is there a better inexpensive choice?

I don’t use the Sansa earbuds as they don’t fit my ears well, but I would think 2-3 years would be a pretty good life for the freebies that come with the Clip.  The last set of cheapies I bought lasted about 2 years for me before one of the earbuds started cutting in & out.  I’m no audiophile & mostly listen to audiobooks, so cheap is fine for me.  You may prefer to spend a little more.

You can search “earbud recommendation” for other discussions (one: forums.sandisk.com/t5/Clip-Clip/earbuds-recommendation)