Earbud Stopped Working

I have 3 clips and standard OEM earbuds. On one the R bud just quit working.I handle them carefully.Any way to fix or troubleshoot, or just replace?

I think if the other headphones work on the one with a broken one. We can replace it. I love the OEM buds though.

These buds are so relatively inexpensive, I don’t know that people really try to fix them–I haven’t seen people post much, if anything, on that.  It could be that the wire/cord has gone bad, not uncommon with earphones, or something in the bud itself.  You could try jiggling the cord a bit to see if that fixes things–if it does, it would seem to be a cord issue and, I guess, you could cut the cord iff where you think the issue is and splice a new cord, such as from some other dead phones, to the cord. 

Personally, I’d just get some new earbuds, if you need them–many, many good options around, at good prices, and with improved sound.

I did take it apart at the bud to see if solder joint had broken but it was intact. Moving cord showed nothing. Assume either burned out or a break somewhere in bvetween. May try checking contituity with a meter, but now am just using one of the other two sets since cant use 3 clips at a time anyway. If need be, I will just get a newset.