Hey guys,

I am having a problem with my earbuds. Whenever I don’t listen to my clip, I usually wrap the headphones cord around the player itself. Now all the sudden my headphones are only working partially. I noticed that there was a tiny little rip in the chord, near the part that actually goes into the player. I think this might be the problem, b/c whenever I turn the chord in certain directions it will all the sudden work fine.

My question is since I’ve had my player for only 6 months and it is still under warranty, can I call up SanDisk and get a new pair of headphones?

If not can I just by any other pair? I know that certain head phones won’t work with the Clip. I am concerned b/c the antennas for the radio are appently in the headphones, so if I get new ones will the radio feature still work?


Seemingly yes as to warranty–it’s 1 year. Call SanDisk.

Most “standard” earphones should work fine with the Clip–just make sure that the plug is the right size.  And the cable of the replacement earphones should work fine as the radio antenna, just as with the stock earbuds.

@miikerman wrote:

Seemingly yes as to warranty–it’s 1 year. Call SanDisk.

That sounds normal. Weird thing is my Sandisk certificate says no less than 5 years.  :dizzy_face:

Wow–good show!  What country?  I should have specified that I was referring to the U.S. (at least under my warranty card).

The Clips headphones are some of the better stock buds that manufactures send with their players, but in the reality of the headphone market, they aren’t that good, I personally wouldn’t bother with trying to get some headphones from the warranty, but then again, I used the stock buds for a total of about 30 seconds. Any headphone is going to work for the antenna of the player. There are many different types of headphones, in many different price ranges. Anything from $10 to $1200, just for in ear headphones. The Clip is actually one of the best sounding players on the market today. Sennheiser CX300’s are some really popular not-to-expensive headphones. Oh, and wrapping ANY headphone around your player like that, is likely to short the cable out in the place you stated, to avoid this; give your cables a few centimeter’s of slack right there, so there isn’t any tension pulling it in any direction.

Most definitely avoid wrapping the cord tightly around your Clip.  I have found that a loose coil, about 8cm, then clipped with the utility clip (be sure that the clip rests against its stop) keeps things tidy, and protects the cable.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Unless you really like the original earbuds it is probably easier to just buy some new ones. I do not know what the warranty policy is but even if a valid claim there could be shipping charges for a replacement. Please follow up if you find out.

I do likewise, neutron_bob.