Looking to buy replacement stock earbuds for my Sansa Clip

Hi.  I really like the earbuds that came with my Sansa clip.  They’re the best-sounding earbud-type earphones I’ve been able to find (and I’ve tried a lot).  There are in-ear noise-cancelling ones that sound better, but I find them too uncomfortable to use.

Anyway, mine broke and I’d like to replace them.  If any of you Clip owners aren’t using the earbuds that came with your Clip, might you be interested in selling them to me?  I can probably pay whatever price you think is fair + postage.

Or if anyone knows where I could buy earbuds identical to the ones Sansa uses in their Clips?

(And yes, this is the second time I’ve asked this question here.  Last time PromisedPlanet kindly hooked me up with a pair, which I enjoyed very much until I broke them.  I hope he won’t think me ungrateful – I *was* careful, but I carry my Clip everywhere and use it all the time and accidents happen…)

Send me a PM if you can help.

  • Michael

I must agree, the OEM Sansa earbuds sound great, considering that they’re basic ones.  The OEM earbuds that came with the Sansa e200 are my favorite.  Lots of tasty bass.

If you can’t find some, there’s a basic Magnavox earbud available at Target, almost identical to the basic Clip headphone, for about $5.  I pick up a few every now and again for my daughters, my handy Sansa testers.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Do they come in black? I don’t know why the Sansa made a player that is back and included earbuds that are white. Very curious.

Interesting!  SanDisk had originally packaged the white headphones and a cool white USB cable with the Pink Sansa Clips.

There must be some spares in the supply chain.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

White accessories with the silver Clip as well.

Both my silver clips had black headphones/USB cable.

They must have run out of black earbuds. My earbuds are white and the USB cable is black as well as the clip.:smileyvery-happy:

neto43 wrote:
They must have run out of black earbuds. My earbuds are white and the USB cable is black as well as the clip.:smileyvery-happy:

The three Sansas I bought, two had black earbuds, one had white earbuds.

Are we talking about the earbuds that actually have the foam coverings?  Because those are my favorite kind (in fact, the ONLY kind that don’t hurt my oversensitive ears), and they’re nearly impossible to find nowadays, but my Clip came with some and it made me so happy.  And then I broke them.  So I want some new ones, but I have no idea where to look…

You can buy the foam things separately.  I know this because someone randomly bought me a set of pink ones. They should fit pretty much any headphone of that type.

The last time I looked, Radio Shack had the covers.