Broke the earbuds of my Sansa Clip. Need help getting the same ones again

I got my clip months ago and I’ve been using it almost every day since. I absolutely adore the earphones that came with it. They are the most comfortable and best sounding earphones I’ve ever owned… Untill I stepped on one of the buds and ripped it clean off. 

I was wondering if I could purchase the same earbuds again somewhere. I loved the stock earbuds so much.

Thanks in advance,



i think that you can do an online research in the online shops and you might be able to find the sansa earphones that the sansa players came with.

i hope you can still find a pair to enjoy your music once again.

LOL, not terribly helpful there, deponia . . . .    :wink:

OP, SanDisk has some earbuds in its store that might interest you.

Otherwise, and while I recognize that you like the SanDisk buds, they’re not especially noteworthy and there are many other good ones that can be found.  You might check out the heaphones forum at anythingbutipod for alternatives.