Sansa Earphones Anyone?


I’m looking to buy the original earphones for the Sansa e200 series: Apparently the Sansa Express had been sold with the same set of earphones as well? What other players had been sold with these exact earphones also?
I’m looking to replace mine because mine broke ><

Thanks for your time. ^^

I must agree, those flat “paddle” type headphones have to be some of the best sounding ones I’ve heard.  They produce a warm sound with surprisingly decent bass.

My wife likes them the best, as they fit her ears well.  My ears are happiest with in-ear types, so she would keep the e200 ones.  I haven’t seen anything similar out there, searching about.  They’re easily recognized by their long strain-relief tips.  The cabling, with its gummy silicone type covering, is very good, and stays very flexible.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, yes, it’s too bad that mine broke. >< I was very happy with them as well. My ears are fairly small? So most earphones seem to just fall out unlike the sansa pair. ^^ I find those new gummy in ear ones very uncomfortable as well…O.o;; They don’t fit my ears right or something I guess? xD
Do you know what other sansa’s had came with these sansa earphones? Perhaps if I can broaden my search a bit I can find a pair? So far asking about hasn’t brought up anything as of yet… I’m just hoping to replace them, as they were a very good pair to have .-.

Thanks! ~^^

All that are available in the Sansa Store are the later type, similar flat ones, but different from the cool original e200 ones.

They are inexpensive too.  I wish the original “pan” ones were still available.

Bob  :wink:

Mm, yes, the ones in the store now are like the sony pair that I had, which was ok-ish, but not as comfortable as the e200 pair.
I think I may have found an ebay seller with them? But they’re also selling the sansa as well, so I’m not sure if buying separate is an option. >< But since it’s e270’s they’re selling, it would replace my e260 because it has more gigabytes & also version 1 firmware instead of v02.
( plus some accessories that I don’t have for my sansa would come with it as well which would be good. ) ^^
I hope that I’ll be able to buy it… .-. 

I have a pair that came with a replacement player. As far as I know they are originals.  I do not use them. If you pay postage, you are welcome to them.

They are the pair that I’m looking for? This?
Sure, I’ll pay the postage on them. Thanks for your offer. ^_^
You just want me to PM you my address & such?

I got a Sansa e270 ( v1 so I can install sansalinux/zeroslackr ) in the mail from ebay just a few days ago. ^^
It included the earphones that I was looking for ( yay! ) :slight_smile:
On a side note, it’s a shame that Tux never came back so that I could buy his set of earphones…
Also, if anyone ever has an extra pair, and would like to sell them to me, I’d be more than happy to buy them from you.
( Just incase something ever happens to the pair I have now…) 
Thank you Bob for your replies =) I was going to accept your first post as the solution because of how well you described the earphones… :slight_smile:
I didn’t because it wasn’t solved yet, but it was tempting to…I’ll accept it now because it’s such a wonderful description of them, and I have a pair now. =) 
Thanks again. ^^

Another option is to get a new plug for your old heaphones, since that’s where they usually go bad.  Just cut off an inch or so higher than the old plug and solder on the new one, should be good to go.  Add some heat shrink tubing to reinforce the connection.   Might be worth putting some heat shrink on your new headphones to reinforce that joint and keep them working longer.