Sansa Earphone - anything = to them?

Hi all,

I’m in uk.

My sansa earphones just stopped working, the wire broke at a point. I’m looking for ear phones (not in ear) that are equal to the quality to the ones that come with the player. any suggestions? I bought £5 JVC ones temporarly from argos and they are not good at all.


A very open question, there!  What is your price range?  And what type of phones do you like, apart from not in-ear–on-ear, over the ear?  And what will you be using the phones for–stationary listening, exercising, portable use, etc.? 

The forum has a nice headphones section, where many people have posted about phones and where you can get good advice.

I’d say about £20 tops, as long as they do the job the previous ones did. Only ear phones since, I wear them under my motorbike helmet and only they would fit. + for exercising. etc.


Try some Sennheiser ones. See if you can find the MX375. If not, then look for the Sony MDR-E828. These should be rather inexpensive.