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Now that my Express is up and running properly, I’m impressed with the sound quality and really like my Express. But, does anybody know what other types of earbuds are available for the Express? My ears are too small for the buds that came with the player. I don’t mean that they occassionally fall out, I mean I can’t even get them to fit in my ears. My boyfriend didn’t have a problem with them fitting him but it’s my player…LOL. Does anyone have a suggestion for earbuds that would fit smaller ears?

Much appreciated.

Unfortunately, no manufacturer gives you  decent earbuds. I got my sansa express few days ago. I am having hard time keeping the buds in my ears when I am running on the treadmill. The best buds that fit in ears have rubber extensions. I have a philips brand pair that works perfectly. They cost about $8-10 at Walmart. I don’t know if it is worth to spend $50 an above for earbuds.

Thanks for the reply. I purchased a pair of JVC’s from Circuit City, being impatient because I kinda like my new Sansa and want to use it. Though the ear pieces fit great inside my ear, the sound quality was horrible. So I’m taking them back. I read about Sony Fontopia’s on one of these boards and checked them out online. Found them “online only” at Best Buy for $20.00 (cheaper than the JVC’s). I’m hoping for better sound quality and fit with these. I’ll let you know.

Yeah, I heard about using a type of cushion but didn’t see any available for the buds that came with the Express.

C in PA.

Skull candy smokin’ buds are pretty good, even if they have a silly name.  They come with three sizes of soft silicone buds, which do a good job of isolation and are comfortable enough to wear for hours.  Don’t get them if you need to hear what is going around you, because they DO isolate.  Has a volume switch, too, and they go for about $30 at walmart, bust buy, fry’s, etc.   Only drawback is the assymetric design, which to me is pretty dumb, but I wear them with the cord out front and it isn’t bothering me too badly.

I’ll list these in quality groups.

All of these are canalphones, meaning they stick into your ear.

Silicone normally come in 3 sizes, a small medium and large

*F=Foam eartips
*S= Silicone Eartips

—normal listener-------- (Generally $5-20)
JVC Marshmellow *F
Philips Canalphones *S
Panasonic Canalphones *S
Koss Canalphones *S/F

—music enjoyment ($30-60)
Sony Fonotopias *S
Vmoda Bass *S

—audiophile ($70-400+)
Vmoda Vibe *S
Shure E3+ *S/F
Ety Research  *S (triple flanged)

These are the major ones I’ve tried. So far Vmoda Vibe Canalphones have been the best Quality vs Price
Shures are overpriced. Vmoda Vibes are somewhat better than E3s costing ~$40 less

JVC Marshmellows were pretty good for lower standards

Sony Fonotopias were really something, except the rubber on the cables break easily

This is my opinion

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You can look at www.head-fi.org or www.anythingbutipod.com forums for headphones or earbuds.

I have been using Sony MDR-W08L lightweight in ear headphones for many years.  They beat any stock earbud by a mile.  10 bucks at Target.

The earbuds are too big me me too.
I got some cheapo buds from the market and they are more comfortable than the stock ones.