New member, question about headphones.

I really want to buy a sandisk mp3 player.  All my previouse mp3 players are ipods and i hate them all… Well to be fair, the mp3 players were good but i HATE Itunes.  

So i want to get a Sandisk Mp3 player for snowboarding… My question is,  are there headphones with remote with Sandisk mp3 players?  I really want remote headphones and i DONT want to get an Apple mp3 player. Are there remote headphones made for sandisk mp3 players? Thanks for the help guys:manvery-happy:

If you mean headphones with remote controls on them to control the Clip, no, sorry (at least as far as I’m aware).

Generally, the Clip is small enough that you simply can use the Clip’s controls.  However, that could be an issue for snowboarding. 

Awww… Thats too bad. I really wanted a sandisk player too.  Uggg…  Don’t tell me i have to go with a stupid Ipod and Itunes again…

Headphone manufacturers don’t make special models for anything but iPods.  I wish there were headphones with a universal remote on them, but I wouldn’t expect them to be of great quality.  Klipsch makes the S5i which are specifically designed to be waterproof/resistant and have a big remote on them, for iPods of course.  They are designed for snowboarding and other outdoor activities.

The only control for non-iPods I have seen is, you can get a cable lead to plug your headphones into, that itself then would plug into the Clip, that has a volume dial.  From Radio Shack, etc.

There are head/ear phones too that have an in-line volume control. But as small as it is, it’d be pretty difficult fumbling with it with snow gloves or mittens on.