Turn on -> Updating Database -> white screen?


i have a problem with my Fuze 4gb. After I turn it on the logo appears, than updating database when the bar is 1/3 full I get a white screen. I can´t do anything.  This happened after I changed the sd card. I put the old one back, but the same. I deleted the music on the old card maybe this is the reason why the database crashes.

I tried to reset it several times by holding the power switch. Let the battery ran out.  But nothing helped.

Any ideas what I can do?

Perhaps you could try the “Formatting a Player that cannot get past the Database Refresh in the OF” mentioned HERE. You might not need to format your player, though.

Instead, as soon as you get to the Menu, put the power switchin the “hold” position. Then, while holding either the middle button, or the << button (either one will do), connect to the PC. Two drives should appear in My Computer: the first one, let’s call it drive E: for example, be the files on the internal memory. Please note: some files might not show up: this is normal. The second one, which we’ll call drive F: will be the memory card.

Form there, you can perform a CheckDisk. To do this, simply right click on drive E: (the internal memory), and select Properties. Then, in the “tools” tab, select “Check Now” under the “Error Checking” section. Then, let it do it’s thing.

This will hopefully fix your issues. If not, go to the firmware update page, and perform the “Manual Update” method to reinstall your firmware. Please note that there are two firmwares: 1.x and 2.x. They are meant for slight different players (though they look and fuction alike), so you’ll have to choose the right one for your player.

As a last resort, you can reformat. Be warned, thought will wipe your everything on your player, included music, movies, picures, etc.

Good luck!