Tunes Missing ???

I have a 2gb Sansa Clip (Blue). A couple things are going on. “My Computer” no longer sees the Clip with the normal ‘Clip’ Icon. It now looks just like another removable drive icon. When I open it. I see a typical folder view. The Virtual View with Artists and Tunes are gone. What remains is a file with a strange extension that appears to hold all the data.

It still played alright until I added another CD and now all I get is the new CD.

Should I reformat and start again? How do I do that? Recommendations welcome.

Go into settings (system settings) and change the USB mode to MTP

EDIT: wait the device itself only sees the new CD?  That may be more than a USB mode issue.

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When I drove to work this AM it was only playing the new CD. I’ve since checked it and all the tunes seem to be there. I haven’t tried it on my PC yet.