problem sansa clip

:cry: I have a clip sansa, Buy it two months ago, and did not delete it, when he was installing music,
which when you turn just stays in a screen that says sandisk, and try Recovery Device,
But does nothing. What else can I do

I’ve never seen any reference to a “recovery device” with the Clip.  Are you sure you don’t have the Sansa Connect?

If you have the Clip:

  1. Connect it to your PC in MSC mode: slide the hold/power switch down, the while pressing the center button, plug your Clip into your PC’s USB port.

  2. In Windows Explorer, find the Clip, right-click on it, and select Format.

  3. In the “Format SANSA CLIP” dialog, check “Quick Format”, then click on OK.

:cry: I did what I suggested and not step anything, the computer does not see the mp3.

The “Recovery Mode” message sounds like you have a sansa e200 series player.  Try here:

Hope this helps!


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