sansa clip 1gb gone to another world

This is about the most comical thing I ever experienced in the world of chips. I turn on my sansa clip and the music starts to go on and off for some time. No response when I want to turn it off or on. Then when pushing on the menu, it turns on and goes through some on and off loop. Finally it starts up again, but this time the logo is in matrix style *&*#@# and now it seems it is totally dead, butdo u trust it? I plug in the usb but it isnt reconized. Who is the one that wrote a self destruct program into the sansa clip??? is there a virus that culd of eaten my player? Is there no reset possibility?


ps. I did the 20 seconds reset which does nada. I cant format the thing cause it cant be found in the device manager.

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when I plug the clip into the notebook it shows up as mass storage e: but can not be formatted. The screen shows nothing anymore but when I turn it off or on, E: disappears and comes back accordingly. the reason why I am trying to even try to find a solution of some kind is because my composed music from a few days that I havent saved anywhere else is on there. just another summer day in new york :slight_smile: