I Cannot Delete Anything on my Sansa Clip

I have done everything I can think of.  I have individually deleted all 95 songs on my Sansa clip using the on-screen menu.  I have attempted to delete the files with it connected to my computer.  I get an error Cannot delete: Cannot find the specified file.  I have Formatted it from the on-screen menu.  It will be completely empty when I shut it off.  But when I turn it back on EVERYTHING is there again.


Someone help me please!  Otherwise this baby is going back to the store.  I do not need this frustration!

Call SanDisk customer service?

The best way to format is to use format on the player. It can be found under Setting. Select Format and Yes to confirm.

Bamy00, I see from your other post (not charging in MTP mode) that you connect in MSC mode. If you right click it in Windows Explorer and choose ‘Format’, will that make a difference? If not I’d say there are reasons to have the player exchanged/returned…?

So…you format it, and it’s empty, but then everything comes back?

I’d return it.

sounds like a lemon, get it replaced.