Files not showing neither in device or PC


I have some problems with my Sansa Clip.

At first, it stopped playing the files: when selecting play for a song, it never started, althought the triangle symbol for play was showing in the screen.

I now updated to the latest firmware, but my files do not appear neither in the Clip or in the PC when connected. They have not been erased since in the PC the device properties tell me it is full.

I almost looks like it created a separate partition of the memory and now I cannot access the older one.

I would very much appreciate some help regarding this.

If you don’t mind losing the content on your Clip, you could try reformatting the Clip under its settings, setting the USB mode to MSC mode (or MTP mode, if you use DRM’ed content), and then retransferring your music to your Clip. 

I would love to lose the content on my clip. A couple of song are there twice, don’t know why, but do not show up in the windows explorer. Liket to get everything in order again and delete everything and the reload the player. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this, unless I delete one single mp3 file after the other, timeconsuming and boring, I’d prefer to simply wipe out everything. Is that possible? The handbook that came with the player only explains how to delete single files, the pdf handbook I downloaded has no explanation, so what do I have to do? How do I reformat the clip?

Under the Clip’s Settings menu (use the small home button on the Clip’s face to get there), there is a reformat command.  Easy to use, when nothing else works.