Something is wrong with my Sansa Clip+


I have a Sansa Clip+ 4gb blue and when I connect the player to my computer and look how much space I have on the device it told me I just have 12mb free but I have nothing on my player. What is the problem? What should I do?

you could try going into the settings / system  settings / format

and or settings / system settings / factory reset

hope that helps


Careful before formatting, as this erases all media from the device.  By stating “I have nothing on my player”, do you mean that you cannot see any music files when looking from teh PC, or that the player is actualy “empty”, meaning that there are no songs available when using the device?

The Clip+ can connect in one of two USB modes, MSC or MTP.  When you are connected in a different mode from the one used for music transfer, the files are not visible from the PC side, though the Sansa will display all files.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: