Music File Empty/Please free 90MB

Any ideas on this prob please.

Ive had my Sansa Clip + for about one month and had no probs with it at all untill today 1/01/14.

All of a sudden it wont stay on and i have message saying “Not enough space for music DB,Please free 90mb”.

At first today it stayed on and played music but now i cant even open the Music file on the Internal memory on my PC although i can open the External memory.When i did open the Music file it had no music files that i could view,unplugged the Sansa went to Music and played files but now no files to view on internal memory ? Also when i turn the player on i dont even get an option to go to External folder and play files from it,i get the “Not enough space” message and then it turns it self off.

Yours is most likely the 2nd solution.

If you haven’t already formatted, try something else first.  Turn off the Clip. Take out the microSD.

Connect the USB cord to your computer, open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer), and HOLD DOWN THE CENTER BUTTON while connecting to the Clip. 

This forces the Clip into MSC mode, which is the most direct computer connection–makes the computer see your Sansa as two disk drives. 

With luck you willl see the Clip listed as a drive. Right-click on it. Go down to Properties, click on that, click the Tools tab and run Error-Checking. 

This sometimes works to fix the 90MB problem without losing all the data. If it doesn’t work, it can’t hurt. 

By the way, when you weren’t able to view the files, had you switched computers? 

Sansa players have two USB modes, MSC and MTP. MTP is meant to be controlled through Windows Media Player. MSC just treats the Sansa like a regular flash drive. 

Here’s the fun part: Your computer can only see files that were transferred in one mode at a time, either MSC or MTP. So if you sent your files via MTP and made the USB Mode MSC…invisible files. The Sansa itself sees them all regardless of how they got there. 

Out of the box, the Sansa is set to USB Mode: Auto Detect. If it connects to a Windows computer with Windows Media 10 or above, it goes to MTP. If it doesn’t see WMP 10 or above–if for instance it’s connected to an Apple or Linux computer, or an older Windows–then it goes to MSC. So if you were sending music from two different computers, some will be in MTP and some in MSC, and the rest is invisible.

MTP is necessary for things like library audiobooks and anything else with DRM (digital rights mess) information. But I don’t use those, so mine stays in MSC and everything is always visible.