"Not enough space for Music DB. Please free up 30MB"


I have a 2mb Clip that has been working fine for the 2 months i’ve owned it.  Yesterday I added some more albums to the Clip, taking it close to its capacity. When I turned the player on some time later the albums i had added weren’t displaying in the Music list. I hooked it back up to the PC and the albums were in there. I tried copying all music folders back to the pc so i could try a format, but they wouldn’t copy. I then disconnected the Clip from the PC, which is when the problems started.

Ever since, everytime i turn it on i get the start up “Sansa” splash screen then the message “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free up 30MB”. This stays on screen for a while, then it turns off. I can’t access any menu options.

I connected the clip back to the PC, won’t recognise it. I put it on Hold, held down the middle button and connected to the pc with the button held down, let got once the Clip had turned on. Slightly more successful in that it does after about 5mins recognise the ‘removable disk’ in My Computer, but right-click and Format does nothing. It’s showing but you can’t browse, see Properties or Format.

Does it sound fried? All i want to do now is format it, but without it being recognised by the pc (tried XP PC and Vista laptop) and without being able to access Clip menu, i don’t see how i can.

I’ve searched around and people have either had success with the steps above or haven’t had any replies. Before I send it back I thought I’d try a post here. Anyone had this happen and know what I should do?

thanks, lee

Try opening up a command prompt  (DOS window)

Start>run  cmd

then try to format your devices drive letter

If you dont get a drive letter you wont be abble to format it.

thanks for the advice Sansafix.  When the drive finally appeared in My Computer i tried to access it via a command line and got “the volume does not contain a recognized file system”.

I wish there was a hold, cold reset function but clearly there isn’t and i think i’ll have to send this one back.

thanks, lee