please help!!

I have a 4g clip that I got for Christmas. It was working fine yesterday but when I turned it on today, it says “Not enough space for music DB. Please remove 30 MB.” I’ve tired the soft reset. and formatted my Clip again. that the message still keeps popping up. I’m at a total lost at what to do now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you read the FAQ?

i’ve read it and tried it all. the only thing that i cant get done in the new update. my clip does not register when i run the update. i’ve formatted it like 5 times. and ran the check disk and windows is not finding any problems. it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve got nearly the same problem.

But I’m not even able to format the Clip.

My Explorer (WinXP Pro) crashes when I right-click the drive, I tried both modes to connect to the pc.

I also tried the Sansa-Updater and the SansaDeviceRecovery tool, both couldn’t find the clip, although the drive is visible in the explorer.

And i tried formatting using the drive-manager-console but nothing worked.

There seems to be no way at all to connect, reset or format the Clip.

Any ideas?

Have you tried the DOS format?

Click Start > Run > type cmd and press Enter

on DOS screen, type: Format “your drive’s name, eg. G:” /FS:FAT32 /A:32K /Y & press Enter