My 4Gb sansa clip is not recognized and is over filled with memory.

As I said, my computer does not recognize my sansa clip anymore, it used to though.  I can turn it on, but it just gets stuck on the sansa loading screen or says not enough space in music DB, please free 60MB, or something like that.  So i can’t get my computer to delete anything and i can’t turn it on to delete anything.  I downloaded the updater, didn’t help, downloading the recovery tool which I can’t say for sure that it can help or not because I’ve never been able to get the dang thing started.

Can someone please help me. 

Try Reset first. Connect it to the computer via Forced MSC after. You can then Format the Sansa using your computer.

Note: Format erases everything on your Sansa.


Format the player again using the player’s menu before reloading your music.