Sansa C200 Not enough space for music DB/Not recognized by computer

Help! I love my Sansa! On a recent trip a family friend saved pics of our kids to my sansa as a trip souvenir. However, I now get a msg that there is “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 4MB”. I understand that I need to delete files to free up space. However, now my computer will not recognize Sansa. My computer was not recently updated, etc. I have also tried to connect on 4 different computers and no luck. I tested the cable and it worked fine with my husband’s Sansa. Device manager does not recognize it; somewhere on the web I read about syncing thru WIndows Media Player…no luck.

I have no problems formatting the Sansa and doing firmware updates, but first I have to get a computer to recognize the Sansa. Please help! I’d hate to throw this one away…but would hesitate to purchase another Sansa if something so benign as loading too many files renders it inoperational.

Any ideas to save this Sansa from eternity in a landfill? :slight_smile:

this is not the forum for c200, this is the forum for the clip

ooops…my bad…i’ll find the correct spot

tried to find where to delete my orig post but no luck …

It’s under Options (top right-hand corner of message), but you won’t get the Delete option if someone has already replied to it, as in this case.