Help- "Not Enough Space fo r Music DB" Error message

Looking for a little assistance from anyone who’s had the following error “Not Enough Space for Music DB.  Please free 4MB”

I recently added a bunch of music to the clip, when I went to turn the clip on and listen to it, I got the message above, and then the player turns off.  That’s the issue, it won’t stay on long enough to delete the music, what’s the work around?


Connect to the PC,  remove some content on the device.

Unplug and you should be able to navigate again

To avoid this,  Format the device first from settings>Format> yes.

If you format from the PC,  and then directly fill the device,  there may not be space for the device to create its database.

If you must format from the PC,  I recommend unplug and power cycle before filling it up.  This will ensure the database is created and the required space is allocated.

I added several CD’s and it worked fine.  When I turned it on today, I got this message.  "Not enough space for Music dv.  Please remove 30 MB.  It then disconnects before I can do anything.


If your problem was like mine…

I was expirencing issues with my wifes sansa clip so i used mac’s disk utility to format the disk to one whole nine hundred ninety something fat32 partition.  HORRIBLE IDEA, i thought (as many have) that it would recover itslef.  It did not.  So after hours of searching forums I have solved the problem by doing the following.

  1. Make sure the device is MSC mode

  2. Then, download and use the Panisonic SD Formatter and format the volume (Volume :E)

3. Drag and drop the M300A.BIN file that is extracted from the .zip file found here

  1. Disconnect device from computer (eject first, then unplug) and device will update

5. Restart and reconnect device to computer.  The computer then will recognize it as a Mp3 player and then you can update using the sansa udater if you so choose.

People give Apple crap about being expensive and exclusive.  I never have problems, and that alone is worth the money.