Unsolvable Problem with MP3 Database?


i’ve got a big problem with my Sansa Clip Player. I loaded it full with Music. After listing for a while to the music, i switch the player off. After a while i turned the player on again, but i just get the message: “Not enough space for music database, please provide 30 MB space. (translated from german to english)”. After this message the player turned off automatically, so i cant delete files or got to the setup menu. So i tried to delete the MP3 files via USB connected to my computer, but i cant see ANY files! I downloaded also the FirmwareUpdater, but i get the same message. Is there any way to reset the player? Or can you help my i another way?

I’m totally frustrated because the player is only one week old.



When this has happened to me the clip is forced into MSC mode, so no you can’t see any of the files since unless you changed it the clip tends to stay in MTP mode.  The easiest thing for me is to reformat (right click clip in ‘my computer’ and choose format) and transfer my music again (although leaving more space for the DB this time). 

If you do so, what happens to the System files from Player, are they deleted as well, and the firmware? I think to format the player will, completly delete all files. But maybe this is a good idea, but it wont work for me now. At the moment i cant even start the player or connect to usb :frowning:

Reformat deletes only user files (music, etc.); it does not delete system/firmware files.